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About Us

We are a founding member of The Club Group which is the UK's leading association of Distributors in stationery, toys, greetings cards and seasonal ranges.

Established as a family business in 1960, Kardwell Wholesale as it was then known has expanded over the years incorporating other similar business by a number of regional acquisitions.

The premises of one such company, J.J. Hobbs & Sons of Blandford (est. 1830) became our second warehouse base and hence the name Kardwell Hobbs Distributors, now abbreviated to KH Distributors evolved.

From our two bases we provide a representative service that covers the whole of the South of England and throughout Scotland, through Clapperton Agencies of Edinburgh.

Whilst our base is in the South of England, we distribute throughout the UK and offshore Islands using a combination of our own vehicles and National carriers. We also export duty free Worldwide including Europe, Africa and the Americas